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Ida Giordano and her winemaking vocation

After a degree in humanities, Ida chose to follow her true passion and carry on the family business.

By Francesca Faratro

Ida Giordano is a young woman who was brave enough to turn her dream into a reality. She followed her passions fearlessly, and, thanks to the support of her family, she succeeded in opening a winery in Tramonti, the green lung of the Amalfi Coast. So in the tiny village of Capitignano, you can find the business that carries her and her grandmother’s name.

Coming back to the origins

Born in 1989, Ida Giordano has a degree in humanities from Rome’s university Sapienza, but she eventually decided not to pursue this career; instead, she went back to the land that saw her grow up with a plan to invest. “I have to say that I knew from a very young age what I wanted to become. The love I have for this is not just a passion. It is a real vocation to me. I think the vines choose me,” she explains, “It’s part of my family and also personal history. It’s in our traditions. I just heard a call, and I held out my hand to answer it.”

Ida Giordano in front of her wine cellar

Building a winery

So in 2018, Ida decided to take over the family company motivated by a huge passion and a desire to prove herself. She built up the winery from scratch, and she is the fourth generation of Giordanos to work in the business. “I’m not alone in this journey because I have my family by my side. I have to thank my uncle Salvatore, from whom I inherited the business and so much more. I owe a lot to him, personally and professionally. Thanks to his precious teachings, I had been able not only to carry out this job, in the vineyards and the business matters but also to grow and better myself,” tells Giordano.

Persistency:  the keyword

Ida’s gaze is full of hope, and her eyes sparkle just like the wine that she pours in the glasses. She is someone who is committed not to give up, even when things are complicated. “In the beginning, it was all but easy! Viniculture is a complex field, full of regulations and rules, so it was not easy for me to navigate the bureaucratic aspects. Since I was specialized in a different world, I had to work hard, and I pushed myself to go on without fear. Also, I was able to do it thanks to my brother Bonaventura, who is the real beating heart of our winery.” So with passion and devotion, Ida created her wine line that Sabino Colucci, the well-known oenologist, even appreciates.

The bottles by Ida Giordano

The variety of wines

At the moment, she has three wine labels, Costa D’amalfi- Tramonti: Il Monte, a red wine achieved by the fermentation of Tintore plus Per’ è Palumm (13%), Il Colle: white wine achieved by the fermentation of Fiano, Falanghina and Biancazita (13%), Capitirosè: pink wine, achieved by the fermentation of Per’ è Palumm and Aglianico (12,5%). In the following year, they are planning to add another 100% made by Tintore’s grapevines.

The project

Ida’s project is impressive, just like her effort. She pays attention to the grapevines, almost like she knows that the plants share their needs with her; then she works her magic in the winery, where she transforms passion into wine. “I feel like this project is my love letter to Tramonti, a place of vineyard’s tradition and the pride of Italy’s oenological heritage. I feel a huge responsibility towards my territory, and I hope that I can fulfill it through the emotions that I put into my wines,” she shares. Ida, indeed, always makes sure that her guests can enjoy the wine-tasting experience fully thanks to the delicious specialties of Il Raduno, the farmhouse right next to the company.

Working in the kitchen

Ida also works behind the stoves in the kitchen, where she cooks, following her mother’s precious suggestions. Through her dishes, she tells the stories of her territory, trying to offer the best food combinations to accompany the wine. In her kitchen, she uses fresh products that are often farm-to-table, bringing back to life the traditional cuisine. She offers dishes that follow the classic recipes, but she doesn’t hold back in adding her love and experience. Ida is still full of dreams, and she is committed to honoring the territory; just like a high-quality wine, we are sure she can even get better with time.

Useful information:

Cantine Ida Giordano: Via De Matteis 11 , Tramonti, tel. +39.338.45.228.75-  +, email: cantine@idagiordano.it, www.idagiordano.it 

(Translation by Michela Pandolfi)

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