Our beaches: memories, emotions, and lots of fun

We love them because they tell pieces of our lives. They are our places of the heart: platforms of rebirth and belonging. That’s why we, from the Authentic Amalfi Coast editorial staff, decided to share them with you.

By Anna Volpicelli 

La Gavitella – Praiano

“I grew up at the Gavitella beach,” says Giovanni Villani, social media manager, “When we were little, our moms would take us for midnight swims, and we would always organize eats. It was, and always has been, a meeting point for us. The sun goes out at 8 p.m. so you could stay all day. To reach it, you had to go up and down 300 steps, which start from Piazza San Gennaro. La Gavitella is an authentic and genuine place. It is the fishermen’s place where you find the people of Praiano. It is said that you are not Praianese if you go to the Gavitella in flip-flops. You had to go barefoot. It’s a saying that belongs only to us.”

The Lido Azzurro beach – Amalfi

It is close to the port of Amalfi, my hometown. I have a visceral bond with Amalfi, to the point that over time this feeling has given birth to a hashtag #amalfimia#, created to emphasize this sort of umbilical cord that unites me to my town,” Francesca Faratro tells us. “I love this beach because it is tiny, intimate, and can accommodate only ten people. It allows me to observe the sea and the complete landscape of Amalfi from this small corner. When I am here, I feel like a little mermaid, like the nymph of Amalfi bathing in these crystal clear waters. It is a place full of memories since I have been coming here since I was a child, my grandfather used to take me, and it was here that I learned to swim.” 

Amalfi, photo by Salvatore Guadagno

The comfort of Lido Sole – Maiori

“It is the lido that I have been coming to for years with my family,” Annamaria Parlato points out. “Besides the sea, I like it most of all for the hospitality and service that the Amatruda family, the owners, offers. The lido is very well-maintained, and a full catering service is also offered, ranging from breakfast, with coffee, and hot croissants, to lunches with cold dishes such as salads, sandwiches, and fruit salads to hot dishes, including pizza and fried fish, to aperitifs, where the Lemon Spritz Sole, made with Maiori’s sfumato Amalfitano, is offered. This year, they have also come up with something new: a corner where you can take selfies and a romantic spot where you can kiss during the sunset.”

The therapeutic water of Vietri Sul Mare

“My mother always told me about her vacations in Vietri Sul Mare when she was a teenager. My grandfather would rent a house for the entire month of August and spend his vacation with his seven children and his wife, aka my grandmother. The lidos alternated: they would choose Lido California one year, and the next year Lido Azzurro. When I was one month old, my mother and my father brought me here for my first vacation. I do not remember much, as I was too young, but the unconscious memory, the one sedimented in our cells, which has neither shape nor color, has its way of creeping in and penetrating our emotions. When I returned to Italy after living almost ten years in San Francisco, California, the La Rosa Dei Venti beach in Marina di Vietri was my home. I spent almost my entire summer on that beach. It was August 2019. With a friend, we would spend entire days sunbathing, lying comfortably on sunbeds, and bathing in the sea. Every time we dived in and came back up, the feeling of well-being was so strong that we christened its waters as therapeutic. After exactly one year, I began my great adventure as director of Authentic Amalfi Coast. Those “baths” brought me luck.” (Anna Volpicelli) 

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