Tales of families in the hospitality industry: the Esposito legacy

The year 2022 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of Tramonto D’Oro, a 4-star hotel in Praiano, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. An activity carried out with passion and commitment by the Espositos, one of the families that wrote the history of the Amalfi Coast’s iconic hospitality.

Our land’s flavor

Gastronomy and art expert Annamaria Parlato, author and events curator, tells us about her new book “Guides to one hundred and twenty places in Salerno and province.”

It’s Melon Time

At OneFire Beach in Praiano, the watermelon-cutting ritual has become the symbol of the Amalfi Coast summer since 2003 at 4:30 pm

Our beaches: memories, emotions, and lots of fun

We love them because they tell pieces of our lives. They are our places of the heart: platforms of rebirth and belonging. That’s why we, from the Authentic Amalfi Coast editorial staff, decided to share them with you.

Floating inside the Emerald Grotto

Since 1980 the Brangi family has accompanied millions of passengers to discover the temple of the sea. A place in which to contemplate the wonders of nature untouched by man’s presence. We met Roberto, 29 years old ferryman, who supports his father in transmitting the beauty of this place through words and actions.