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Authentic Amalfi Coast

Authentic Amalfi Coast: the Amalfi Coast has always been one of the most fascinating places in the world. That’s why tourists from all around the globe recognize its value as a Unique Destination, a place that can offer unforgettable moments.

Destination Amalfi Coast provides a high-quality hospitality level thanks to the talent and hard work of entrepreneurs, together with the passion and commitment of anyone involved.

It’s challenging to find the perfect balance between striving for progress while staying true to the Destination, but those who govern and work tirelessly in the Amalfi Coast are set to make it work. The key has always been focusing on sustainable growth, also considering the importance of the local population’s relationship.

To achieve these significant results for the Destination, The Amalfi Coast has turned into a socio-economic lab for innovation. Here, the goal is to develop projects that take into account the local impact and, at the same time, to figure out if the results could be used as the blueprint for places that show similar characteristics as the Amalfi Coast.

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Managing Director of Authentic Amalfi Coast

Susy Pepe


It’s in this kind of framework that Authentic Amalfi Coast comes to life. A touristic brand with no hierarchy is open to local contributions, supported by regional and central government entities such as INVITALIA (National Agency for Inward Investment and Economic Development).

Distretto Turistico Costa d'Amalfi

The aim of the Authentic Amalfi Coast is straightforward and ambitious: to support the development of a sustainable, responsible, clean touristic economy to present the Destination as the perfect place for innovation. An environment where start-ups and companies can advance feeling helped, protected, and supported.

The main areas of involvement are:

–      Infrastructures for sustainable mobility.

–      Destination website.

–      Local Development.

–      Enhancement of cultural and anthropological heritage.

–      Training.

–      Research and Development.


The Associazione Distretto Turistico Costa D’Amalfi was recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Activities and Tourism MiBACT on 17 January 2014 regarding the territorial definition established by the region Campania with the executive degree n. 43 of 28 June 2013.

Distretto Turistico Costa d’Amalfi is a public/private entity that aims to contribute to sustainable growth in a Touristic Economy through new projects and human assets, but it’s not limited to that. On its agenda, it also presents the desire to improve residents’ daily lives with options dedicated to them, especially considering those who live in the more inland areas, often forgotten by the development policies.

A board of directors provides governance of Distretto Turistico Costa d’Amalfi, which reports to a Members’ Meeting at least annually.

Amalfi Coast Tourist District Association

Registered office Corso Reginna No. 81, in Maiori on the Amalfi Coast

Fiscal Code 95144860657 | VAT No. 05740030654

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The Network consists of 48 private entities from different sectors, such as hospitality, food, touristic services, mobility, and the Amalfi Coast artisan. Among these, 21 entities participated in the call for applications and, in September 2019, signed a significant contract for the development of new touristic activities with INVITALIA, National Agency for Inward Investment and Economic Development, is the Network’s primary source of funding power, the primary source of funding for the Network’s activities.

Amalfi Coast Tourism Development

Network Registered office Piazza Cantilena snc, in Minori on the Amalfi Coast

Tax code and VAT number 06062700486

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