The Village of Agerola on Amalfi Coast

With about 60 km of trails, Agerola is ideal for all hiking enthusiasts and anyone who wants to enjoy nature and fresh mountain air. From here, the famous Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods), considered one of the most beautiful paths in the world, starts, ending its route along the coast of Positano after about 10 kilometers. 

Unquestionably the most famous path, but not the only one. There are many paths and walks that Agerola offers its visitors. 

Agerola, kingdom of gastronomy

The village, moreover, is a real kingdom of gastronomy. Biscuit bread is part of the local culinary history among the various specialties. It is a bread made of whole wheat flour baked twice to give it the right crunchy texture. Several artisans traditionally prepare this product. Another specialty is Tarallo, a fennel-flavored cookie shaped like a doughnut or braid with a butter and almond variant. 

Uno scorcio del sentiero degli Dei
Photo by Michele Inserra @cartotrekking

Another representative product of Agerola is cheese. From generation to generation, local families have handed down the production of different types of cheese: fior di latte, which is similar to mozzarella but has cow’s milk as its main ingredient; ricotta; smoked provola; and caciocavallo. 

Provolone del Monaco DOP of Agerola

Among all these delicacies, Provolone del Monaco DOP remains the most popular. It is a cheese made from the unique milk of the local cow, a breed called Agerolese, aged from 6 to 15 to 18 months. 

Finally, in Agerola, it is worth tasting the pera pennata, a local specialty. It is a small, round-shaped fruit with a dark green color that leaves a sweet and delicate flavor in the mouth. For this reason, the pulp of these pears is often used together with brown sugar to create delicious jams. 

Another typical fruit is the Mela Limoncella, a small juicy but somewhat tart apple that abounds in local orchards and family gardens. 

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The map of Agerola on Amalfi Coast

Agerola festeggia i 60 anni della processione del venerdì santo

Agerola celebrates 60 years of Good Friday procession

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