Vendemmia in Costa d'Amalfi, vigneto

Tramonti is considered the green lung of the Amalfi Coast. Tramonti is one of the Amalfi Coast’s most prominent villages. Situated in the Lattari Mountains, it comprises 13 hamlets, each of which can be walked on foot thanks to the famous 13-church path traversing the village.

Trekking on Amalfi Coast

A famous destination for trekking lovers, Tramonti is a hub of taste. Here expert wine entrepreneurs have been able to enhance and preserve the area’s uniqueness, continuing for centuries, to cultivate Tintore, Tramonti’s native grape. Here, among centuries-old vineyards pampered by the coolness of thermal excursions and surrounded by landscapes colored by the changing seasons, only this blackberry lives. 

Cultivated free-range, on terraces torn from the rock that enjoy total proximity to the sea, it grows in a spectacular micro-system. Tintore’s glasses are purplish, marked by vivid color, full of coloring matter, and with a sharp, heady taste with reliable power and elegance. With the 2010 vintage, Tintore became part of the Amalfi Coast appellation, Tramonti subzone.

Vigneti a Tramonti
Photo by Salvatore Guadagno

Excellence on Amalfi Coast

In addition to the wine, Tramonti is also famous for processing fior di latte, one of the few artisanal productions that have remained intact over time. Small families continue this tradition that has given rise to numerous specialties, from the classic mozzarella, to trecce, nodini, ciliegine, or even sfoglie and babà di mozzarella. 

With the same paste is, then, also made provola cheese, also in a smoked version, caciocavalli, of various ages, fresh or aged up to two years, cheeses, flavored with herbs and spices, and ricotta, the classic and the even creamier ricotta di fuscella, the kind that used to be stored in hand-stuffed baskets, now banned.

It is no coincidence that Tramonti is home to the Borgo del Gusto. A project that aims to enhance the gastronomic excellence of the Amalfi Coast through its products, where experts organize training courses in the field, guided tours through slow tourism proposals to experience the natural and cultural beauty of the area, exhibitions, and much more.

Tourist Information Office Pro Loco Tramonti

Pro Loco Tramonti in Costiera Amalfitana

Piazza Cesarano (di fronte la Chiesa dell’Assunta)

84010 Tramonti [Salerno, Italy]  |  |  +39 350 0800855

Tourist Information Office Amalfi Coast Tourist District

Distretto Turistico Costa d'Amalfi 

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Opening hours until April 30th from Monday to Saturday (Sundays and holidays closed) 9.30 am : 1.30 pm | 4.30 pm : 8.30 pm 

Opening hours from 1st May to 30th September from Monday to Saturday (Sundays and holidays closed) 9.00 am : 1.00 pm | 5.00 pm : 9.00

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Map of Tramonti on Amalfi Coast

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