The painted village that’s how Furore is known. In 1983 the town became a crossroads for artists from all over Italy and different parts of the world who came to the Amalfi Coast to decorate the walls of Furore. 

More than 120 works collecting paintings and sculptures outline the artistic vocation of the village. 

These include murals placed at the entrance to the town by Avigone Hugo Sanze and Arno Geisseler, known as Repy. Near the Fiord, on the other hand, one can admire the depiction of it in the work of Antonella Costa, a Ligurian painter. 

The paintings unfold slowly, like a museum, under the open sky, all along the village. a project that testifies to the nature of a destination that has always embraced the different cultures that have taken root in the area over the centuries without distorting its true absence but simply enriching it. 

Il Fiordo di Furore in Costa d'Amalfi
Photo of Vito Fusco

Also known as “the country that isn’t there,” a coveted destination is the Fiordo di Furore, born from a rift created by a stream, a museum in nature that has contributed to Furore’s inclusion in the ranking of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages and that has inspired Italian cinema: suffice it to recall Roberto Rossellini’s famous film Amore starring Anna Magnani. In the Fjord still today, there are the fishermen’s monazzeni, old tool sheds: the Fjord has been a landing place for boats over the centuries.

The fury of the waters that raged voraciously in the Fjord gave rise to its name, Terra Furoris, meaning Land of Fury. Its location between the sea and mountains developed what is called heroic agriculture. In the 6th century, local farmers began to build the first terraces. Later they made vines on rock walls. 

From an extreme territory came heroic wines recognized internationally for their quality. Furore is the village where one of the most important Italian wineries is based, Cantine Marisa Cuomo, which has dedicated all its wines to this land.

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Map of Furore on Amalfi Coast


Paddling on the sea


Walking among the vineyards of Furore

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Furore, the painted village