Minori in Costiera Amalfitana

Minori is the village on the Amalfi Coast that still preserves the area’s gastronomic and artisan traditions. It is no coincidence, therefore, that it was elected the City of Taste. An appellation is also present on the municipality’s letterhead. 

The protagonist for years as a local reality within the summer event Gusto Italia in Tour, the event dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of typical products and Italian food and wine excellence with a focus on the south, Minori for centuries has distinguished itself for its skills in making its products a true culinary heritage.

Gli 'ndunderi di Minori in Costiera Amalfitana. La preparazione
Photo of Salvatore Guadagno

The city has a long history of processing, producing, and selling pasta that dates back to the Middle Ages. It is due in part to the presence of the Regginolo River, which contributed to the paper industry’s economic growth and represented an opportunity for the population to develop actual pasta-making facilities. 

The company of streams facilitated the development of pasta-making to such an extent that workers, both men, and women, became known as maccaronari. Minori boasted, in fact, approximately six mills, several mortars, and as many as 54 ‘ngegni (machinery). All of this contributed to the emergence of numerous pasta factories that served as both actual factories and retail stores. 

The ‘ndunderi on Amalfi Coast

It is not easy to identify the earliest forms of pasta produced, but certainly among the oldest in the area was that of the ‘ndunderi, a kind of gnocchi with a larger shape. It is a tradition maintained at home by numerous local chefs and master pasta makers who create these delicacies with their hands. 

Minori is also a destination for archaeology lovers. Here is home to the Villa Romana di Minori, a Roman villa from the first century AD.

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