The 6 top places to visit in Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini in Costa d'Amalfi

Divided between an upper part, immersed in expanses of olive and lemon groves, and a lower part greeted by the sea, what to see in Conca dei Marini. 

April 19th, 2023, by Editors. Cover photo by Jakobradlgruber-123RF/Officine Zephiro Media Company

Cradle of legends and esoteric mythologies, including that of the janare, few know that Conca de’ Marini in the 1960s was the setting for the much-acclaimed Amalfi Dolce Vita. Its rock-climbing lemon and olive groves have secretly held summer residences of significant national and international figures. 

The village has hosted majestic villas of world-famous figures, including Moet and Chandon, the Ruffo di Calabria family, and the d’Urso family, a historic family linked by a deep friendship to the lawyer Gianni Agnelli. And it is precisely the buen retiro that has attracted the most romance stories. In 1962, a summer guest of the D’Urso family was the beautiful Jacqueline Kennedy, who that same year chose the Amalfi Coast as a destination to spend her vacation. 

Tales of the time tell that informed of the presence of the American First Lady, the lawyer Agnelli arrived in Conca de Marini to meet her aboard his new Fiat 600 convertible. From that meeting, a friendship was born. The two were often seen together in the village, where Jacqueline Kennedy went to practice one of her favorite sports, water skiing and drove around the various coastal resorts in the car. 

Beyond the spotlight of the time, Conca De’Marini still lives today with the same charm that enchanted the First Lady. Divided into an upper part, immersed in the expanses of lemon and olive groves, and a lower part that embraces the sea, the village, in addition to its scenic beauty, was also the birthplace of one of them the culinary heritages of the entire territory: the sfogliatella di Santa Rosa

To make the most of the resort’s experience, we have selected the places to take advantage of for you. 

I 6 luoghi da non perdere a Conca de' Marini
Marina di Conca

Beaches: marina di Conca and O’ Runghetiello 

Marina di Conca is also one of the most popular beaches for residents. Gathered among fearless vertical cliffs, the pebbly beach is chosen mainly for its intimacy and crystal clear sea. Next to the beach is home to the chapel of Our Lady of the Snow, a sacred place built to allow fishermen to visit it easily. The chapel preserves a high relief depicting the Madonna and Child, and on August 5, the Madonna is celebrated with a sort of procession by sea. 

O’Runghetiello, on the other hand, comprises two beaches. Both can be reached only by sea. They are small bays divided from each other by high cliffs. Because of their exposure, it is best to go in the late morning when the sun arrives. 

Capo di Conca and the Torre Bianca. 

A sheer rock overlooking the sea is ideal for walkers as it offers a 360-degree view of the Gulf of Salerno. Capo di Conca is also famous for housing a critical Saracen tower, Torre Bianca, strongly desired by the King of Naples, Pietro de Toledo, to sight and defend the territory from pirate invasions.

La Grotta dello Smeraldo in Costa d'Amalfi
The Emerald Grotto

Emerald Grotto

A play of hues ranging from cobalt blue to sky blue to emerald green spreads throughout the environment, leaving anyone spellbound. Accessible only by sea. Initially, inside the Emerald Grotto, there was no water. Still, there were only limestone stalactites and stalagmites with peculiar shapes that intertwined and gave rise to tall columns (about 10 meters) that, over time, have taken on the appearance of actual works of art, which refer to familiar images, including Garibaldi’s head, the Venetian shawl or organ pipes. 

While interpreting such figures is left to the imagination and individual creative inspirations, the seabed still holds an artistic treasure. It is an underwater nativity scene made of Vietri ceramics installed at a depth of about 4 meters. Every year, during the Christmas season, professional divers dive to place the statue of Baby Jesus.

Church of San Pancrazio

Housed in the charming and evocative belvedere of Punta Vreca and surrounded by a lush garden of olive groves, the church preserves a 16th-century politician built from a triptych depicting the Madonna and Child between St. Pancrazio and St. Gennaro and the Eternal Father between the Angel and the Virgin Annunciate. 

I 6 luoghi da non perdere a Conca de' Marini
San Pancrazio Church 

Church of Santa Maria a Grado

A stone’s throw from the famous Monastery of Santa Rosa, a Dominican convent built in 1861 at the behest of Sister Rosa Pandolfi, from whose kitchens the renowned sfogliatella di Santa Rosa was born, stands this small church dating from the 9th century. Destroyed by a natural cataclysm, it was later restored in the late Baroque style. 

I 6 luoghi da non perdere a Conca de' Marini
Campitello Estate

Campitiello Estate

An ancient agricultural estate brought back to life through a profound work of territorial explotation by Salvatore Criscuolo, a local entrepreneur, accompanies the discovery of a garden of olive groves, from which an indigenous oil is made, a citrus grove, and vegetable gardens. The estate hosts a series of tastings in the well-kept garden that offers a panoramic sea view.